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Compete in the Million Dollar Challenge at Power Up Gaming!!

WWE 2K19 Releases Tuesday, Oct. 9th, 2018

This year, we’ve learned of the million dollar challenge that WWE and 2K Gaming have put together. This challenge is long, tough, and unforgiving. Don’t take it on alone! Power Up Gaming will help you along the way!

Beat The Gauntlet

The first set of challenges is to defeat a gauntlet of the toughest WWE Superstars imaginable, without regaining any health after each match. This in itself will be a tall task to handle, and you will need a strong strategy heading in.

Shoot A WWE 'Style' Promo

If you survive the gauntlet, you must then create a WWE ‘style’ promo on why you will be the one to defeat AJ Styles and win the million dollars! Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that you have to play one on one against THE PHENOMENAL AJ STYLES!!

Beat Other Finalists

After submitting your promo video, if you are selected by WWE you will then face off against other finalists to reach the Championship round. A match during Wrestle Mania weekend against The Phenomenal One.


Conquer the gauntlet, shoot a captivating promo, defeat other finalists, and then you’ve arrived at the Final challenge. Beat THE AJ Styles at WWE 2K19 One on One during Wrestle Mania weekend! Do that, and you’ll be walking out with One Million Dollars!

Play At Power Up Gaming!!

If you compete and survive the 2K Million Dollar gauntlet inside Power Up Gaming we will then help you record and edit your WWE ‘style’ promo video to submit to WWE!! No charge at all for the video editing and production! We will help you write a script out, record, and even edit the video for you! All you have to do is be your awesome self and let us handle the rest!

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