Yosemite Lanes

Having trouble finding a good place to pick up your Fortnite costume this year? Fear not, as Power Up Gaming have a few spots for you to check out before making your final purchase. We want to make sure everyone is more than prepared for our first ever Fortnite Party!

We’ll be having a costume competition, Fortnite dance battle, and numerous Fortnite game play tournaments that day. The main event will be followed by a 21 and over After Party event which includes Free to play Beer Pong. 


Below are a few great options to look into when buying your Fortnite costume this year!

Spencer's is a trusted brand to us here at Power Up Gaming, and they are backed by some solid reviews from the community. Stocked with a more interesting inventory, this store is worth looking into for some one of a kind Fortnite costumes!

Amazon is a household name in 2018, and they have a fantastic selection of Fortnite costumes this year! Priced fairly and made with a great quality, Amazon is definitely a great place to start shopping for your Fortnite costume.

Spirit Halloween stores are a well established brand during the spookiest time of year. Everyone loves when Spirits pop up in our communities, sand this year they have an all new line of Fortnite costumes you wouldn't believe!

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