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Wheel Of Fate Monthly Fighting Game Tournament

Wheel Of Fate Monthly Fighting Game Tournament

Wheel Of Fate - Monthly Fighting Game Tournament

  • By Maple On March 23rd, 2019

The Modesto Monthly is back! The premier and original anime tournament in the Central California region. Something new we are announcing with the monthly is the PR board for Dragon Ball FighterZ! We will be maintaining a PR board for the Cen Cal region as a whole and not just our own events. At the end of the year we will have an annual Test your might event with the top 8 placing DBFZ players will face off to see who truly is the strongest!

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Top 3 players from any given event will be given points.
1st. 5 points
2nd. 3 points
3rd. 1 point
we will be compiling this data and working with all TO’s hosting DBFZ events in the Cen Cal region. If you would like to get involved feel free to message us! Event rules and info are below!


– Main Events –
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
•Tekken 7
• Smash Bros Ultimate

– Stream Info –

– Bracket Entry Fee –
• $5 Per Player per main event

– Venue Fee –
• $5 venue fee

– Discounts –
• $1 off for a Complete Setup (PS4 + Game + DLC Monitor)
• $3 off for traveling more then 2 hours

– Food –
• There is food and an open bar

• 12:00 PM – Doors Open
• 12:30 PM – On-Site Registrations and Payments Begin
• 3:00 PM – On-Site Registrations End
• 3:30 PM – All brackets begin

– Bring your own controller! –
• Games will be played on PS4

– Event Sponsors / Affiliates –
• Origins Esports
• Power Up Gaming
• Prominence Gaming
– Welcome to Wheel of Fate –


More Games Are Always Being Added! Just Ask Us What New Games Will Be Featured!

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