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What Happened To The Streets?

What Happened To The Streets?

What Happened To The Streets?

  • By Starkks On January 30th, 2019

With the wide assortment of sport simulation games on various consoles, you would think there would be a few games with more of an urban feel.

When EA Was On FIRE

In the early 00’s EA was  on fire with their EA Big brand. Featuring games such as NFL street , SSX tricky ,NBA Street and Def Jam Vendetta EA seemed to have a finger of pulse of urban gaming.With multiple top selling games on various platforms why would EA stop the momentum ? The landscape of how video gaming works changed completely , with several companies buying exclusive license, that began a chain reaction to restrict the creation of urban sports simulation games.

Building a New World

Sports simulation games have become very consistent, they come out once a year at the same time with limited updates. NBA 2k with in the recent few years has introduced the my player section that features a playground mode that allows players to have online pick up games. This seems to have the urban feel that gamers have been looking for, but is too grounded with in reality. The crazy creative moves NBA street use to provide us with has a faint representation in this game mode. NBA 2k is always working out the kinks of their games hopefully we can see a full game of urban sports simulation in the near future.

  • SSX

  • SSX Tricky

  • NBA Street

  • Def Jam Vendetta

  • NBA Street Vol. 2

  • SSX 3

  • NBA Street Vol. 3

  • NFL Street

  • NFL Street 2

  • SSX On Tour

  • NFL Street 3

  • FIFA Street

  • FIFA Street 2

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