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The Rise and Fall of “The Soulja Gaming Console”

The Rise and Fall of “The Soulja Gaming Console”

The Rise and Fall of The "Soulja Boy Gaming Console"

  • By The Mighty Starkks On January 21st, 2019

The Latest Console...

Did anyone play the latest console to hit the market? If you haven’t heard Rapper soulja boy has released a gaming console and handheld called “soulja games”

Self titled Big Soulja released a tweet stating “ i had to boss up! “! leaving the internet room to speculate of what was on the horizon . With his deep appreciation for the gaming culture it was only right Soulja Boy threw his in the next gen console ring..

Soulja Boy’s entrepreneurial spirit is not appreciated by everyone. Less than a month into his new endeavor it came to a screeching halt. There is no real world if Nintendo PlayStation or Xbox hit the rapper with cease and desist letter but all three companies have plenty reasons why to do so . The soulja Game console is an emulator, none of the games are original or intended to be on this platform.

With the recent viral development big soulja dracko has emerged in the media again about the soulja game console. Earlier this week on  Everyday Struggle Soulja boy answered a slew of questions about his gaming company.

Apparently there’s a smart watch in the works, most likely android. No word yet on the design or any copyright infringements against it. Big Dracko goes on to explain that there’s plenty more to come. Plans for the 2nd console are already under way, a new handheld is also in the works, and a movie depicting soulja boys life is coming a lot sooner than later.

Soulja boy also goes on to address the recent lawsuit allegations. “Nintendo contacted me because a young N**** made a million dollars in a day! “ No official statement has been released by Nintendo but souljagame.com does redirect you to the Nintendo 3ds web page . This has brought a frenzy of press for the gaming community , and we are loving the chaos !

And for some laughs here’s big soulja drackos meme filled viral interview with the breakfast club.

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