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The LeVar Burton Park

The LeVar Burton Park

The LeVar Burton Park

  • By Starkks On March 14th, 2019

Intergalactic star and Sacramento native, LeVar Burton will be getting a park named after him. Moving to Sacramento when he was just 3yrs old LeVar has a deep appreciation for the community.

The Reading Rainbow Park?

“He’s always been proud of his Sacramento roots and he continues to use his career and has always been an influence to be a strong advocate for literacy for children,” Brianna Moland, assistant planner for the city, said.

Sacramento commissioner Chinua Rhodes said, “I really am happy to see somebody, especially somebody of color, coming out of the south area in such a positive way who’s made a great impact.”

“Wow, is all I can say as well!” Burton tweeted in response to the news.

Intergalactic Star

Meadowview park has been selected to get the major name change. No official date has been set for the Meadowview to become Lavar Burton Park. So far the plans for the park is to be modeled after great Britain  public square. Lavar Burton Park is supposed to represent a safe place where people can debate educate and expand knowledge. Lavar Hosted Reading Rainbow from 1986 to 2006, so education and a good place to read a book is a must for Lavar Burton Park.

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