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The Joker Returns

The Joker Returns

The New Joker Movie

  • By Starkks On February 24th, 2019

If you have been living under a rock like patrick starr then you obiviously dont know their is joker orgin movie in the works . Much to everyones chagrin it wont be starring jared leto . since we all loved his amazing method acting in Suicide Squad lets hold our breath and hope he comes back for that sequel.

A New Face

With the frenzy of superhero blockbusters DC is deciding to strike while the iron is hot . DC has been experimenting with films as you can see from suicide squad . Its vibrant colors and ragtag team  of villains created a colorful and expressive movie. Having its shining moments suicide squad didn’t win fans and critics over . So with a october 4th 2019 release date they hope to continue to pick up where suicide squad left off.

What We Can Expect

If the idea of a stand alone joker film doesn’t get you excited then maybe the cast and director will. The mastermind behind Goodfellas , the departed and many more gangster films , Martin Scorsese is set to produce the fim. The film is scheduled to be directed by Todd Phillips. He is accountable such prestigious films such as , The Hangover (1 2 & 3) , Road Trip , war dogs , old school, project x and starsky and hutch just to name a few . it has also been confirmed that deadpool 2 and Atlanta actress zazie beetz will also make appearance for the film.

Following in the steps of Nickelson , Ledger and dishonorable mention Leto, joaquin Phoenix will be playing the joker . Phoenix has starred in Walk the line , Gladiator , Her , I’m still Here and Hotel Rwanda. With these very serious and dramatic films phoenix might be the perfect actor to bring the joker to life. Joaquin has shown serious interest in this position for a numerous amount of years ,  the film has already started production and a teaser trailer has been released. I for one is really excited about this film and think this will be a step in the right direction for DC.

The New Joker movie officially releases on October 4, 2019!

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