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The DC Streaming Service

The DC Streaming Service

The DC Streaming Service

  • By The Mighty Starkks On February 5th, 2019

There’s a new big dog in the streaming services . DC universe has emerged . Bringing exclusive content , remastered movies and TV shows DC universe is trying to be formidable competitor in the streaming war.

What Is The DC Streaming Service?

Costing a whopping $75 a year or $7.99 a month. DC universe offers an extensive catalog of movies TV shows and cartoons. You can find the remastered version of the 90’s classic “Batman : the animated series “ on DC universe. Along with their classic movies and TV shows DC has set out to produce a new content.

New Shows

Titans is a live action take on the DC staple Teen Titans. In the early developmental stages of this show, the internet was in a uproar about the costume, character and set design. Since the premier the uproar of unsatisfied voices has died down. The series offers a deep dark in depth look into some of the teen titans main staple characters.

The Doom Patrol seems to be the next live action show to be created for the DC Universe app Dubbed the Weirdest heroes ever, Doom Patrol is a hodge podge team put together by The captain, a wayward scientist who has a passion for helping people. Most of the original team from the comics will be on the show with a special edition of cyborg from the Teen Titans! If you were wondering this is not the same cyborg from “The Justice League “ Movie. Doom Patrol is set to premiere February 15th.

What Else Can We Expect?

DC plans on to continue to let the good times roll with the a few of their underrated animated shows to be remastered and re branded for DC Universe. Several Batman Series, justice league unlimited and Green Lantern: the animated series are all scheduled to be remastered for the app. Krypton from the syfy network is also set to have season 1 of their series represented on the app as well. The success from titans and young justice has granted the DC studios to green a few more projects the next thing coming down the pipeline is Swamp thing. The righteous swamp crusader has already pulled in awesome cast and director and is looking to be another promising show for 2019.


DC looks very ready to compete in the streaming wars. Bringing a vast arrangement of shows and movies DC universe offers something for all users. If got a superhero itch you just can’t scratch then DC universe is definitely a worthy contender and is well worth the money.

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