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Power Up Gaming Community Manager Job Description, Planned Opportunities, Suggested Strategies

Power Up Gaming is looking for passionate, driven community managers to help spread their love of a chosen game series to surrounding gamers. Below is a full description of the responsibilities and expectations of the community manager position. Please read it thoroughly and extensively before submitting an application.

A Power Up Gaming Community Manager’s goal is to grow the “community” for their particular game or genre.  The success of that community is determined by the attendance at game nights and events, membership and activity in online groups and outreach activity outside the Power Up Gaming stores. The Community Manager will need to be available for one night a week for 10 consecutive weeks as well as 2 different Saturdays for the LAN and WAN tournaments of their specific game. The schedule will be supplied to the CM once their application has cleared and they have been selected as the community manager for their respective title.

Community Managers will be able to play their game at Power Up Gaming at no charge anytime as long as there is no conflict with a larger event or if space is limited on an extremely busy night.

Planned Opportunities

Power Up Gaming has determined a schedule for our upcoming new platform surrounding community nights and tournaments called Power Up Cup. You will be expected to be available to show up one night a week for these community nights. During your off time you should be recruiting people to join the Discord channels or any Facebook groups/Twitter accounts that you manage.

There will be a digital coin system that players will earn contingent upon how often they play and how often they win. Familiarize yourself with how this works and find ways to incorporate it into the weekly events. This digital currency will be redeemed for physical prizes, which shouldn’t be difficult to get people hyped about. Learn the ins and outs of our point system and advertise it accordingly on social media and be able to relay it to the players who are in the store.

In addition to the weekly community night, Power Up Gaming would like each CM to host one qualifier and one tournament per ten week series. The qualifier and tournament will be held on a predetermined date by Power Up Gaming. The CM will need to have a full understanding of the way that we run each special event and have extensive knowledge of the rules and guidelines we will be using for their respective game.

Friday and Saturday are both great days each week to recruit more members of your group.  Those are the busiest days each week at Power Up Gaming and Community Managers are encouraged to attend and offer personalized gaming sessions, fun challenges (Power Pack Challenge) or just impromptu mini-events.

Community Manager Guide and Expectations of the Position

Communication Communication Communication

Stay in contact with Power Up Gaming management.


Each Community Night

As a community manager, this is your bread and butter, you need to be aware of what’s happening, who’s there and how you can utilize your social media from outcomes at your community night.

1) Take attendance each night

Get a head count and attendees Social Media handles so that you tag attendees both on Facebook & Twitter or other social media for coming to the community night. Each of your FB groups are public. So random friends (and maybe fans of that game) are going to see that you were tagged in the status, might join the group and come to a community night.

2) Take one picture, one! or several.

At the end of the night take a picture of everyone who came, it takes five seconds. OR take pictures of people while they’re playing. Take a picture, post it on the group, and tag the people in it. Take start, during, and end pictures of game nights/events, If your friend is having fun at a place wouldn’t you possibly want to go there as well?

3) Was there a bracket or outcomes at your community night?

If you kept a bracket or outcomes this is another thing to put together and post on social media. Remember also that you have your Power Up Gaming Community pages that this stuff can be posted on it as well. Post them!

4) Did someone win a prize or a tournament at your event?

Another great way to show that this isn’t just a random gathering of players. You win stuff! Post a picture of the dude or dudette with money in hand. Post a google image of a Riot card won (or insert prize here) with the person tagged. People (especially gamers) want to be recognized for their efforts and people want to congratulate them on social media. Community interaction!

5) Were there any inside jokes?

While we want to keep it family friendly, did anything funny or crazy happen at your community night? Mention it. Can you create a quick meme out of it from one of their profile pictures? We don’t want to belittle or make fun of anyone especially if they are sensitive to it, but if they’re ok with it, go for it. I can’t stress enough the casual connections that are made on social media just from funny things. People want to see an image or a quick video, like it or comment on it and move on. Don’t have time to create a meme? Use this – http://memegenerator.net/

6) Stay On Top of Discord

Discord will be a tool that you will be expected to use often. This will contain the live chat feed of any of the players you have recruited over the weeks to be members of your community. You can post information that would only pertain to them or host LFG sessions within the community to practice for the upcoming community night. This is not to be confused with social media, where you will advertise the nights to the general public and people who aren’t already part of the community, this will be the avenue for internal communication. This is a great place for the members of your community to become better acquainted and have a better sense of comradery.

Bottom line: You must take advantage of every social media opportunity you can, especially when you are trying to grow your group and get people to your community nights. These are not the only methods obviously, be creative.


What I Did To Get Organized For The Week

Allow 7 days to promote starting the night your last game night ended. what does this mean? always plan at least a week ahead.

1) Know what you are promoting for the next community night

This is pretty self explanatory, familiarize yourself with the point system and learn what physical and digital prizes can be redeemed. The community that you build will hopefully ultimately be participating in the qualifier and tournament that will yield cash prizes. Get people excited about this, it’s a big deal! We want the players to have fun first and foremost, but we also want them to get competitive and be excited about the tournament they will be playing in against other centers across the world.

2) Do research and find content

Utilize social media tools (outlined below) to help find content that is trending specifically on Twitter & Facebook. Note those items and create a calendar reminder for yourself to post each night in case you forget or could not do it automatically. It’s important to mix it up, so try to post a mix of articles, questions, images and videos as different people react to different things. Keep that in mind and create a melting pot of content (a unique assortment). Make sure to be excited with your verbiage, don’t post about the prizes or community nights in a mundane fashion, do it with some pizaz and passion!

3) Setup a tentative posting schedule (Always subject to change)

Once you find the content  write a checklist of what you will post. Easy enough. Try to utilize a time you know gamers would be online(use yourself or your other CMs timetables). Plans change and you must remain flexible. Who knows if a major news story or whatever might knock you off track for a couple days. Make sure you stay flexible and adjust your schedule as needed.

4) Ask the group questions (inside & outside of social media)

Some of the best content and stuff your group is going to be more interested in comes from within. Does one of your members have a blog, stream, youtube channel, event, interesting game related story? Share that stuff man! Also a great opportunity is to ask your own members their feelings or questions they’d want answered about something specific. Great content.

5) Think

What are some things you’ve seen lately on the internet that is getting a reaction, can you share the same in your group or straight up ask the same question, post the same image, share the same video, etc. to get your group hyped?


In Summation

If you are selected for further communication about this position, a schedule will be provided to you containing the days you will need to be available for in store community nights and tournaments as well as a more comprehensive guide. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and build your resume out as a community organizer and event planner in the video game and eSports industry. It will also give you experience in social media management and marketing–an invaluable skill many companies are looking for.

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