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Google Gaming Console

Google Gaming Console

Google Gaming Console

  • By Starkks On March 30th, 2019

If you think the gaming scene is a little crowded your sadly mistaken. Google is throwing their hat in the ring. Recently premiering Stadia it has shaken up the gaming world. Breaking the conventional idea of the console stadia is the perfect mixture of cloud services and hardware.

What We Know About The Stadia

Running just on chrome Stadia is suppose to be the easiest way to pick up and play. With a 1080p resolution at 60fps on all devices stadia way ahead of the competition. You can play your game on anything that has an update google chrome.   Streamlining the gaming process, going seamlessly from watching youtube videos to playing a game! 

Don’t worry about a crazy price point because google is your friend and they have your best interest in mind. All you need for Stadia is a strong internet connection, ANY wireless controller and google dongle, which looks like standard google chromecast which retails under $100. Google is also making its own controller with a plethora of buttons. The stadia controller gives you the ability to stream seamlessly on many different services, work flawlessly with no synching. between devices. That means you can continue your game on any device with an update chrome browser and play from the same point! Word on the internet is you can set a flag or marker at any point in a game and invite someone to play from the exact spot. That means at any point in any game you can get help from developers or friends can join in and help!

How Will This Change Gaming?

With all these changes and advancements in the gaming community do you think Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony are worried? Do you think the big three have anything for cloud-based gaming in the works? Let us know what you think of on all of our social media @powerup209. Still curious about what Google has planned for the future? Don’t worry we’ve attached their latest tech announcement.

Google Stadia Release Date Is 2019

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