Yosemite Lanes

WEEK FIVE | February 11th @ 6PM |

Week Four Breakdown

Taco Homies vs Phat Ninjas

The Phat Ninjas looked to complete the first half of the season undefeated, but found themselves in a tough battle against the Taco Homies. The Taco Homies came out of the gate strong taking game one, but after a game three tie, the Ninjas pulled away and showed their dominance. Can anyone take down the Phat Ninjas? TTV BTW will take another swing next week.

Dark Side vs Outlaws

Unlike their fun filled match up a week prior, the Outlaws came into this week flexing their muscles. The Dark Side never really were able to get into a groove before the match was over. Unfortunately for Dark Side they fall to 1-4, and on the other hand for the first time this season the Outlaws are leading the South Division!

Velocity vs TTV BTW *Game Of The Week*

After a rough loss the week before, Velocity was gearing up for a statement win. TTV however had other plans. Velocity would take the first game in convincing fashion, but as the games went on TTV showed why they are a force to be reckoned with. TTV look to avenge a week one loss to the Phat Ninjas next week and show the rest of the league who the real team to fear is.




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