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Fortnite Season One Winner - RYNE GRIM (Legendary Performance)

The First season of Fortnite at the Power Up Gaming was an absolute success! Players had to compete inside Power Up Gaming and earn a Victory Royale to score a point in the season standings. 

Countless players battled for the right to be champion, and it was considered a done deal for player Joshua Guerrero heading into the final day of the season. 

On August 31st, the final day of Season One, Joshua Guerrero held a three point lead over the next closest player Ryne Grim. Coming into Power Up Gaming that day was Ryne and his brother Kyle, who were sitting at 2nd and 3rd place respectively.  On that day, the Grim brothers would pull off the unthinkable! Together the brothers rallied off four Victory Royale’s! An absolute shock for everyone in attendance, and a performance for the ages! Both Kyle and Ryne have been competing in the Power Up Gaming Fortnite tournaments for weeks now, and the growth as players these two have made is simply outstanding to see!

Joshua, considered to be one of the top Fortnite players at Power Up Gaming, was more than shocked to find out about the Grim brothers epic performance, but is more than ready to fight for the crown in Season Two! 

For winning the first Fortnite Season, Ryne Grim walked out with a $15 Xbox Gift Card and a copy of the video game Rocket League!!

We all look forward to Season Two of Fortnite and wish all of our competitors the best of luck!!

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