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Aquaman DVD Release

Aquaman DVD Release

Aquaman DVD Release

  • By Starkks On April 2nd, 2019

The crowned king of Atlantis is ready to make a splash with his DVD release. No one knew what to expect out of the DCEU but Aqua-Man was a pleasant surprise following up suicide squad justice league and wonder women, they have had grand hopes that Aquaman would be a breakout star. The web didn’t go so crazy for the initial release but with good reviews and doing well opening week, Aquaman has broken the mold for the DCEU.  Opening up the flood gates for Shazam.

What Are The Special Features?

April 6th, 2019 is the official date for the DVD release and April 8th it will be available on digital. The mixed reviews might have hurt the box office numbers but Aquaman has been receiving praises for its comedic elements colorization and action scenes. It seems in hindsight Aquaman wasn’t so bad.

DC isn’t slacking with its products, here’s what to expect with special features :


  • Going Deep Into the World of Aquaman

  • Becoming Aquaman

  • Aqua Tech

  • Atlantis Warfare

  • The Dark Depths of Black Manta

  • Heroines of Atlantis

  • Villainous Training

  • Kingdoms of the Seven Seas

  • Creating Undersea Creatures

  • A Match Made in Atlantis

  • Scene Study

  • Breakdowns

  • Exclusive Sneak Peek of Shazam!

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