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Apple Have A Lot Going On

Apple Have A Lot Going On

What to expect from Apple

  • By Starkks On April 3rd, 2019

Spring brings forth a lot of cool things, sunshine, rain, new movies, new video games, and announcements! This spring is no different. Apple recently made headlines with everything they have unveiled.

Apple News

Apple is all about convenience and that’s exactly what apple news is.No real word on what regular apple news will offer but apple news + will be  Giving the feel of actual newsstand this service will allow you to browse over 300+ magazines, with no restrictions. On top of all those magazines, you get even more premium subscriptions such as Tech Crunch, Grubb Street, The Skim, The cut Vulture and a few more. One of the coolest features is undeviced intelligence meaning, they don’t know what you read and they don’t allow companies to track you. You can a family share this service at no additional cost. Apple News + is available now for $9.99 a month.

Apple Card

Hopping into the digital banking realm apple card is looking really promising. With an instant sign up and use. text message support and updates directly from the messaging app there’s no need for another bank. Apple card also allows you to track spending and group them together to monitor them. With Apple Card, you can see how much spend on food, entertainment, and many more groups. Money Mangement is a huge focus for Apple, apple card allows you to track monthly spending.  You can use your apple card anywhere apple pay is accepted and it connects across all your Apple devices.

Apple Arcade

Apple arcade is the worlds 1st gaming subscription service for mobile, desktop and living room. You can continuously play from iPhone iPad and apple tv. With just a single subscription you have access to over 100 new games a month. Unlike normal streaming services every game will be available offline, no additional ads, and no additional charge. The screen time feature allows parents to monitor and control how much game time their children will have. Apple Arcade will be available this fall in over 150 countries pricing and more info to come.

Apple Channel

Simply put Apple tv works with all premium subscription services and combines all the shows you like from the networks you like all in one place ad-free! Yes, that’s right Hulu, Netflix, prime and many more all in one convenient place. Apple Channels are apart of an update for  Apple TV The update is set for a fall release, no price has been disclosed for this service.

What are your thoughts on the new Apple updates? what new Apple services are you excited for? continue the conversation on all of our social media. @powerup209.

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