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Apex Legends: First Impressions

Apex Legends: First Impressions

Apex Legends: First Impressions

  • By Kyler Machado On January 15th, 2019

A Fresh Take On Battle Royale

Apex Legends is the latest battle royale to hit the scene and let me tell you, it’s awesome. It was developed and released by Respawn and EA, and best of all, it’s FREE. Respawn has been working on this game for a long time now but kept it a secret and didn’t release any information about it until the day before it released. They partnered with all the top streamers and battle royale players, including Ninja and Shroud, to make the best game possible and put their own twist on the genre.

Meet The Legends

Apex Legends has a max lobby of sixty players and a max team size of three. This game diverges from the traditional battle royale style by offering various “Legends” with unique abilities and gadgets. There are eight different characters, but you’re only allowed to use one of each hero per match with no duplicates, so choose wisely. The playable Legends include:

  • Bloodhound: A skilled tracker with abilities that let you see enemy footsteps and move quickly to hunt down foes.

  • Gibraltar: A tank with a gun shield that protects himself while shooting and a deployable dome shield to protect allies.

  • Lifeline: A combat medic with the ability to revive downed teammates faster, with a deployable healer drone and a care package that drops high-value protective gear.

  • Pathfinder: A scout with a grappling hook and a deployable zipline for its allies to use.

  • Wraith: A sneaky interdimensional assassin with the ability to go invisible and create a rift for people to travel through.

  • Bangalore: A soldier with smoke grenades and a rolling thunder ability that drops bombs on a designated area.

  • Caustic (unlockable): A toxic trapper the places gas traps that will blur enemy’s vision and deal damage, and a huge gas bomb that will place a large cloud of toxic gas over a select area of the battlefield.

  • Mirage (unlockable): A trickster that can deploy a decoy that runs across the map and a more powerful ability that sends out many decoys to confuse enemies.

Download The Free Apex Legends Today!

It feels like a Titanfall/Overwatch, in battle royale form. The ability to communicate with your squadmates without a mic, through the use of in-game waypoints and different pings makes solo-queing an only-trios game much easier. The game has so much depth with all the different weapons, attachments, and equipment, and offers countless combinations of gear. Unlike other battle royales, this game gives you the ability to bring back a completely eliminated teammate by grabbing their “banner” off of their dead body and taking it to a designated revive zone. They will be brought back with no loot but that’s much better than the alternative; not being alive at all. The “top” player from the previous match gets highlighted before the next match and becomes a target. If you’re able to slay the marked target, you earn bonus experience. There’s still a lot to be learned, but so far Apex Legends is incredibly challenging and enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it to any battle royale fan.

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